About Us



For over a decade, CivicAction has played the role of neutral sandbox, bringing together senior executives and rising leaders from all sectors to tackle challenges facing the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

CivicAction builds partnerships and takes action through campaigns, programs and organizations that transform our region.

CivicAction is led by a Board of Directors and a 75-leader Steering Committee.

Every four years, CivicAction holds a summit to put our finger on the pulse and identify the biggest issues facing the region. Out of the summit, CivicAction sets its agenda for the next four years and launches initiatives and campaigns to make a measureable difference on issues.

In addition to this work, CivicAction believes that we need to cultivate and grow strong civic leaders for today and tomorrow. To accomplish this, we offer a suite of programs including CivicAction’s Emerging Leaders Network and DiverseCity Fellows. We believe there is nothing more important to the future of our cities than preparing those who will lead them.

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To be an independent and nimble developer of broad civic leadership creating collaborative solutions to unresolved regional challenges.


Our work is guided by a bold vision of a Toronto region that has:

  • A strong economy, built on our diversity, educational and industrial strengths
  • Homes and jobs for all, with narrowing income gaps and safe, liveable neighbourhoods
  • People and goods moving easily, using efficient transit, roads and paths for walking and biking
  • Newcomers and underemployed fully deploying their talents and skills and rewarded appropriately
  • Our diverse residents are represented in all levels and roles in the city region
  • A collective value of the arts and culture sector is recognized, supported and celebrated
  • Clean air, water and lands, enabling our physical and economic prosperity
  • A pipeline of informed emerging leaders

And, overarching all of these aspirations, thinking and acting like a region, with everyone recognizing that they have a role to play in our future success.