Economic Inclusion 

Systemic racism is a deeply rooted issue in the workplace today. Indigenous, Black and racialized talent face unique and longstanding challenges to getting hired, promoted and accessing professional development opportunities – often resulting in lower pay and less upward mobility. We must collectively work to advance racial equity in our workplaces and build a more inclusive Ontario where everyone can contribute to economic recovery and growth.

Inclusive Economy
April 23, 2021
Problem Addressed

Systemic racism can be perpetuated through organizational culture, outdated HR policies and practices, and a lack of resources. Employers must take action to address the barriers that limit Indigenous, Black and racialized talent from entering the workforce, career advancement and professional development.

Solutions Implemented
  • We partnered with the Government of Ontario to convene 100+ Ontario employers in conversation on building inclusive workplaces.

  • We curated an Employer Resource Hub and series of videos to support the hiring and advancement of Indigenous, Black and racialized talent.

  • We partnered with BCG to compile existing data from the municipal, provincial, and national level to show how anti-Black racism appears in four important lifecycle areas: education, employment, health care, and policing.

Key Results

Economic Inclusion Roundtable

Brought together over 100 established and rising leaders representing different sectors, cultural communities, and lived experiences.

Taking Action

50+ ideas and opportunities were identified by Roundtable attendees to build workplaces for everyone.

One in Three

Attendees who said they were exposed to new information about systemic racism and expanded their networks in the process.

Inclusive Ontario Partners