Emerging Leaders Network Spotlight 

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Emerging Leaders Network Spotlight

Inclusive Leadership
April 12, 2021

Helping rising leaders connect and develop leadership skills during 2020 has been more important than ever. As the pandemic continues to impact marginalized groups more intensely, our Emerging Leaders Network has risen to the challenge and demonstrated resiliency, creativity, and the drive required to tackle our region’s most pressing issues

Debora Jesus, 2020-2021 ELN Executive Committee Member

Being part of the ELN has really helped me to stay motivated and inspired this past year. With more and more challenges being exposed and exacerbated as the year goes on, the ELN’s diverse and incredibly talented network of rising city builders gives me hope for our region’s future

Rudolf du Toit, 2020-2021 ELN Executive Committee Member

For more than a decade, ELN has uniquely positioned itself as a space for candid, thoughtful, and discursive conversations to explore civic issues that you are intrigued about. The solutions to our region’s most critical issues, whether it’s affordable housing or climate change, are never black and white. The answer often lies within a grey area, which has to include multiple and diverse perspectives. That’s where ELN and its network of rising leaders have the most impact: individuals from wide-ranging backgrounds and expertise can come together to strategize and mobilize on key actions to build inclusive cities

Alyssa Lai, 2018-2019 ELN Executive Committee Member