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HireNext Spotlight

Inclusive Economy
April 12, 2021

Hiring youth is important to QuadReal as they provide an energetic, flexible and open-minded diverse talent to our company. They are more likely to offer a fresh outlook and consider new, efficient ways of doing things. Youth are comfortable and highly skilled with technology and accustomed to multi-tasking. They are often tuned into the latest market research, perspectives, and approaches and are often creative, bright thinkers who approach work with an entrepreneurial spirit that can help move the business forward. Hiring youths also allows us to develop a team of specifically trained to meet our organization’s current and future needs.”

We [Sobeys] see partnering with HireNext as an opportunity for us to build a stronger youth diverse talent pipeline for the future of the organization. We are always reviewing our Talent Acquisition processes to ensure we are creating a positive candidate experience across all our youth applicants. We would look to leverage HireNext to help us have a youth lens to attract diverse candidates and to help build our future talent pools by making our Talent Acquisition processes better.

HireNext helps us [Calgary Foundation] progress in our equity and diversity goals. The practical recommendations from HireNext, give us a pathway to consider how we are leading through the development of youth. HireNext helps us actualize our goal of capacity-building for young adults and youth. We have been learning a lot from the implementation of the recommendations provided.