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YouthConnect Spotlight

Inclusive Economy
April 12, 2021

LinkedIn Learning platform has been instrumental for immigrant youth who aspire to secure meaningful work in Nova Scotia. We had one youth in the program who wanted to learn more about human resources field. He completed a number of workshops through Linkedin Learning. Having these workshops on his resume and gaining knowledge through them opened doors for HR related interviews for him. We are proud to say that this combined with the subsidy through our Immigrant Youth Employability program, the youth started a short contract as HR administrator for a start-up company in Nova Scotia.”

Supervising Team Lead, ISANS

Loving LinkedIn Learning. We use it a tonnnnnn. A lot of their [youth] independent learning is coming from it. I have used other sources as well, but it has been super useful for me and my class. I particularly like that once the participant does a “course” they get a certificate so I can track their independent learning and hours. I assign a bunch of online courses at the start of the week and they have to the following Monday morning to complete it, and then we have group discussion on it on Monday mornings.”

Program Coordinator, YWCA Moncton

My favourite part of YouthConnect was learning that I am responsible for my own growth and that I must take the initiative to expand my network whether that be using LinkedIn or going to informational interviews in order to find my dream job.”

Youth Attendee

Networking has always been a weakness for me, thanks to YouthConnect my network almost doubled!”

Youth attendee