Founded in 2007 by David Pecaut and Tony Gagliano, Luminato was conceived to shine a spotlight on Toronto as a culturally vibrant and globally connected city rich in creativity.

Arts, Culture and Tourism
May 1, 2007
Problem Addressed

As Toronto grew and developed, it needed to find its place on the global stage.

Solutions Implemented
  • Luminato has become one of the preeminent international arts festivals in North America.

  • It’s an international arts festival dedicated to performance, media, and visual arts, providing artistic programming that cuts across traditional art-form boundaries.

Key Results

Hub for Arts and Culture

In its first decade, it had 3,600+ performances featuring 15,000+ artists from 40+ countries.

International Interest

Continues to attract millions of tourists each year.

Luminato began as a dream that each year Toronto would invite the world to join us in celebrating creativity. A dream where the best artists in the world and the best artists in Canada fill the stage that is Toronto with new and wonderful creations. Today that dream has become the reality of a boisterous festival sprawling all over the city with music, theatre, dance, visual arts, literature, film, and celebrations of all kinds.

David Pecault, June 2009

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