The Toront03 Alliance was formed in June 2003 to help revitalize the tourism industry in Toronto and surrounding regions post-SARS.


Arts, Culture and Tourism
December 1, 2003
Problem Addressed

The Toronto region lost around $292 million in visitor spending between July 2003 and March 2004.

Solutions Implemented
  • Toronto03 invested significantly in advertising and promoting the Toronto region in the United States over the summer and fall of 2003, and winter of 2004.

  • It also helped support events and bring attractions to the city, like the Rolling Stones concert and a taping of the ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’.

Key Results

Revived the Economy

Generated $70 million in tourism revenue.

Brought the World Back to Toronto

Attracted almost 100 thousand US visitors.

Built our Brand

Made over 100 million potential US tourists aware of the Toronto region and its attractions.

Toronto03 was funded by both the federal government in the form of a $10 million contribution and the private sector in $1.2 million in cash donations, including $200 thousand from each of the five major banks. Additional in-kind support was received from many companies.